100.000 HAIKU

In 2006 I programmed a database to create Haiku poems automatically, to be more precise randomly.
I edited 10 books with 100,000 Haikus.

These pieces are selected Haikus translations created by my poetry machine.

Zero Thought

Binary thinking, poses the duality of society-decision makers.
The decision makers trying to take society towards the Zero Thought have come across with Critical Thinking ... and do not know how to react.

A wooden box for support, as containers of ideas, records the states of this new society that emerged from collective oblivion,
widening the society-state gap.



Consumer products act as personal extensions which we acquire in the form of cars, clothes, books, news or ideas. With every acquisition of these branded products we widen our external relations and likewise amplify our 'I'. We no longer live in a 1:1 relation to nature and the brands have a fundamental role in this fictitious process in which relations between people, brands and styles of life are interwoven.

'Marketing Mix' is a look at these interrelations and how they are integrated into the social fabric of our age.
A fabric which in these pieces is represented in the form of algorithms or  flows of information.



E-IKONOKLASTES is a video-game-therapy for creators, commisioners, critics and spectators, a way to free ourselves from the cultural icons in which we are anchored by demystifying the History of Art and destroying its most famous manifestations.

I made E-Ikonoklastes by modifying the maps and rules of the game of one of the most famous video games of the 90s, Duke Nukem.
3 weeks learning how to programme the game and designing the museum.

Sorry for the quality of the video. I made this piece in 2003, we are working to create a video with higher quality. We will try to upload a functional version of the video.

In art Heisenberg Uncertanity Principle is more evident that in Physics. By made of writing Art History we are modifying it. Limiting the proper Art History.


The works of the Burlando Echelon exhibition are inspired by the process of decoding capture and analysis of all the information
that systems like ECHELON pick up daily phone calls from our email or fax sent. How much work for nothing, how much privacy violated for nothing, how much government voyeurism ...

Nowadays people give their data to private companies in exchange for some entertainment.


In our society an 8-digit number represents or can represent more than our own image. Binary -Portrait OIOOIIOI allows the users to "paint" their self-portraits sending their passport number , ID Card or telephone number.

I programmed this application to create binary transcripts of the DNI. Having different strokes of the digits, the program could not repeat the same texture. Therefore we have a machine that cannot copy itself, and each digital print is unique.

binary initiations

HAL 9000 was the first piece conceptualized as a binary transcription of a message. He was part of the collective, soul anotomies, at the Fundació Miró in Barcelona in 1997.

Later I started working with portraits, transcripts to the binary code of the identity cards.

Some of the paintings shown here were part of the exhibitions in Fundació Joan Miró (1997), the Ynguanzo Gallery in Madrid (1998) and Àmbit de Barcelona (1999).